Some say it is a healer of wounds. Others will recognise it as a way to determine key events in ones life. A few will tell you that our lives are controlled by it, and they aren’t wrong. Time is relevant to us all. It is the way in which we can tell if we are late to an event. It is how we compare our mending hearts to determine whether we should be moving on with our lives.

Each day, 1440 minutes bring us new opportunities and new experiences. We sometimes forget that we are on this uncontrollable path, hurling towards tomorrow. Whether you like it or not, as you read this blog post, you are spending valuable minutes of your 1440 allowance dedicated to this website, lets say 8 minutes. Each day, you may delegate another 60 to your commute. Then you spend 8 hours, or 480 minutes dedicating yourself to somebody else in your place of work. So, how many minutes do you have left? By my calculations that is 892 minutes. 

Oh, how we cannot forget sleep, another 480 (recommended, that is!) minutes spent checked out of life, your body and your mind recuperating and protecting itself from harm, preparing for another 1440. So each day, you are left with 412 minutes. 

Nearly 1000 minutes are dedicated to other means. But 412 belong to you. Only you. They are yours. They are a gift, and they should not be left unopened. In 412 minutes you can work on yourself physically, in the gym. You can spend 40 of them lying in a warm bath, shutting the world out with the lock of your bathroom door. Maybe you want to spend 112 of them watching a film, or perhaps you will spend 80 getting your children to bed. You see, time is a gift that you can choose to spend on yourself or on others – and both options come with huge rewards. 

We have become a generation full of people working their lives away and spending spare minutes counting the months away. We are always looking for the next great adventure. The next big love. The big pay check. Yet we are gifted with payday each midnight, when we get 1440 new minutes to thrive. Time is a currency that we are all in rich in. So instead of focusing on the months, or even the weeks, look closer and you will notice 1440 opportunities right before your eyes. 

Why, however, have we become afraid to spend those minutes? You see, we cannot open a savings account of time, and we cannot cash in our minutes for a rainy day when we might need some more. Time cannot be controlled, it cannot be extended and it cannot be hurried. Time, put simply, is time. 

It is something that nobody, from the poorest man to the smartest scientist, can change. We can only spend them wisely, or risk wasting precious minutes away. After all, we only have 1440. 

That’s it. 

Try and spend your minutes as wisely as possible. Use them to mend your broken heart. Use them to find your new love. Grouping some together between old friends can reap huge benefits.

Dedicate minutes to your family. Your parents, providing you were with them until you were 18, spent 9,460,800 raising you to be the adult you are. They dedicated over million minutes of their own allocation to put your happiness first. I think you can spare a minute or ten to call home. 

Whatever you do, however, don’t waste a single one of them. 

Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Like my dad always says, ‘you can’t take it with you.’

You could spend 1,182,600 minutes getting yourself a degree. You could spend 394200 carrying, growing and protecting your unborn child. You could dedicate just 10 minutes to listening to somebody talk about the minutes that troubled them. 10 minutes of your time may be the gift that somebody needs to survive. 

Nobody has their 1440 minutes fully booked. Everybody could always spare on or two on each other. Imagine how much better the world would be if we dedicated just 5 precious minutes on somebody else? Imagine how grateful you would feel if somebody dedicated 5 of their precious minutes to you?

Every day that you are not your true self, you are essentially spending the minutes of somebody else. Be you. Time will grant you the opportunity and freedom to find yourself, but only you can allow you to live yourself. 

Each year we are granted 525600 minutes. That is over half a million opportunities to smile, to cry, to laugh, to make memories that we will remember in another half a million, maybe more. Don’t whatever you do, take a single second for granted. Don’t waste your time on issues that don’t deserve them.

Before you know it, tick..tock..tick..tock…s i l e n c e. Your time is up. Are you going to be guilty of wasting minutes? Are you going to be guilty of not spending those minutes you always promised your mum? Well, now it’s too late. Once time is gone, there is no getting it back. You will never get back these 8 minutes you dedicated to my blog, and for that, I am eternally grateful. Thank you for choosing to take your precious gift, and passing some to me. 

Time has the opportunity to be the gift that keeps on giving. So go ahead, unwrap todays box, and remember, you get to do it all again tomorrow





Make Every Second Count.


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