Daniel Coole start writing ten years ago, during his time at high school. He would write about the latest school gossip and how his homework was going. 6 years and a lot of life turmoil later, Dan returned to the world of blogging under EveryDayDan. He stole recipes from his mothers cupboard and wrote about the latest bath products from Lush, but something didn’t feel right. Fast forward to 2018 and EveryDayDan is now DanCooleDaily and the name isn’t the only thing that has changed. 

When I evolved into DanCooleDaily, I was spinning inside a world of depression and (at the time) undiagnosed PTSD. I had lost my first boyfriend to suicide at the age of 17. Days after his death, I returned to college and tried to carry on life as normal – that was one of the biggest mistakes I have made in my life. I was understanding my adoption in a much more brutally honest way than I did as a child and my relationship at the time was crumbling because I wasn’t sure how to process the relationships that had exploded throughout my past. 

I turned to writing about my feelings. I started doing so because it helped me to understand them. Seeing the words that my mind had created on the page in front of me was a startling experience – how could I be feeling any of those things and not really be aware of such pain and heartbreak that is so evidently controlling my life? Over time, more and more people were sending me messages telling me that by reading my emotions, they no longer felt alone. Over the last four years, you and I have developed such a unique relationship. We rely on each other, we find comfort in each other and we support each other. 

I write about mental health, I write about relationships. I talk about body confidence and I discuss in-depth the damage that my adoption had on me. I still talk about the bath products from Lush and I still flaunt my plus-sized outfits on my Instagram, I just do it with a nod to the person I truly am. 

If you would like to work with me, or simply get in touch to say hello, you can pop me an email at dancooledaily@gmail.com