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I have four loves in my life. The first of them is food, obviously. You do not get to this level of potato without consuming a lot of donuts. It’s scientifically true, I promise. The second love of mine is this blog, the outlet to my life. The influence I have on people is still something I am getting used to, but I absolutely love everything from writing posts to tweaking coding behind the scenes. The third is perhaps the most cliche of all; my family. We are all stuck together with glue, weird patches and strange family trees, but we work

This brings us to my fourth great love. Yes, you could count this as my third great love. But the feelings inside my heart for her outweighs pretty much everything else, ever. Yes, including donuts..just about. Meet Ruby. She is my six year old niece and my all round best friend. You can keep your crazy nights on the tiles and lavish shopping weekends, because Saturdays and Sundays spent in bed watching Victorious and baking cakes are the all time best thing ever. 

Unfortunately for me and Ruby, a few weeks ago, our love was forced to change, because along came Martha. I was stubborn throughout my sister-in-laws pregnancy, declaring that I could never love another niece or nephew like I do Ruby. They all told me I was wrong, but I told Ruby not to listen to them and off we skipped to the park. Yesterday I felt a little bit sad about life, and one cuddle with Martha changed everything, it was in that moment that I decided I could love two of them just the same. (though I will still always make time for cake baking with Ruby). 

Last week, Photowall got in touch with me and offered me a canvas to review. I jumped at the chance, because I love a good artistic photo. I am a bit of a soppy person, in case you couldn’t tell, and I love being able to commemorate moments and memories. Whether it’s holding on to lanyards and tickets from DisneyWorld or framing the perfect picture to remember the first time we met Ruby all those years ago. 

PhotoWall have a huge selection of predesigned wall murals and canvas’ – this one being my absolute favourite. It’s the type of wallpaper I want to have in my dream apartment with exposed brick and huge writing desk, you know?

Copyright 2017 PHOTOWALL

Anyway, I stumbled across a ‘upload your own design’ button and off I went exploring. It was in that moment that I decided I wanted to commemorate my fourth great love. Thus, I ordered a canvas of this picture;

(taken by me, on my iPhone…I am holding for applause).

I love this picture. It was taken the first time we met Martha, and it is honestly so beautiful. My mum said it best;

It holds so many memories. The first time We met our second granddaughter. The night before we went on holiday. It was taken by you, their uncle. 

Four days later, it arrived. I panicked, completely forgetting that I lacked all manpoints and ability to assemble anything. BUT IT WAS REALLY EASY. Honestly, if I can do it, you can do it. We can all do it. I am the beacon of hope for all potential IKEA shoppers out there, allow my story to guide you through assembly. 

And here it is:

I could sit here and review its incredible quality, it’s easy and simple building process. Or I could tell you how easy the website was to navigate. The preselected designs are all incredible and breathtaking. But I think the true review was in the reactions of those I gifted. I was able to give to my incredible brother and sister-in-law a present that would remind them of a particular moment in time, when their family became four. Their faces said it all. My Dad kept repeating ‘now if there was ever a picture to put on your wall, it’s that’. My mum was taken aback and demanded her own canvas. The true review lies in the happiness that rippled throughout my whole family this weekend. Aided by PhotoWall,  I was able to spread love and highlight the two incredible girls that are the future of this family. 

Have a look at their website by clicking here. 

But that is not all, my wonderful friends. If you want to order your own canvas, enter the code pwdcdailycampaign2017 at checkout to receive some discount! It’s a perfect way to cement a moment in your life, and would be a fantastic gift for Christmas!







*This is a sponsored post. PhotoWall were kind enough to send me a canvas free of charge, in exchange for an honest and open review on the product. A huge thank you to them for the opportunity. 

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