Dear Graduates..


Hello you amazing people! 

Hope you are all well! So sorry for lack of posts towards the end of last week but I have two perfectly good excuses;

  1. Eurovision Happened. 
  2. I Completed My Dissertation. 

Yes, Eurovision took over my weekend and I found myself with actual tears in my eyes as I watched Australian entry Dami Im blow us all away with Sound Of Silence. Seriously, have a little listen, add it to your playlists, do whatever you can to get this song in your life. It’s not Eurovision at all and it hits a few raw nerves. I was rooting for them, and every Australian I know, to take the crown. But alas, Ukraine (some say deservingly, but I can’t agree for being shrouded in Australian love) took the top points in what has to be the most dramatic result segment I have ever witnessed. I was pacing the living room, I got under my blanket and crawled to the floor and I was even screaming loud enough to wake up Australia. Above all, it was great to have a night where I didn’t have to worry about my looming dissertation or other university-related stress, and that brings me to my next point;

I have finished university! (sort of…)

I say sort of because I have one assessment left on Thursday, but it’s one of those tiny, doesn’t really phase you sort of assessments, so I’m chill. But seriously – where have three years gone? As some of you may know, I once attempted to complete a degree in Events Management at Leeds Met (back when it was Leeds Met, not Leeds Beckett..urgh…) and completely lost myself one year in, thus dropping out and having to move back home with mum and dad. Fast forward four years and I have done it. I have actually completed a degree – and proudly may I add. It’s time to kick back and relax with three weeks in Florida coming up and then a huge but exciting adjustment into real adulthood.

Just wanted each and every university student to know that handing in or performing your dissertation is one of the most proudest moments of your life. It makes the stress, the tears and the all nighters worth it. I am lucky in the sense that I am already prepared for post-university life with a stable job and a home which I pay for. However, I am watching my best friends flap and tinge their proud moments with worry of what is next with their lives. Does that sound familiar? Well, don’t! Bloody enjoy your time of exploration. You don’t need a plan. You don’t need to know whats coming next. Now is the time to enjoy your first year of education free life in 18 years. Now is the time to start exploring what you really want from life without being steered on a certain path….find your own path in your own time. I am so proud of us all right now. Those that say you don’t need university may be right, but they will never know the effort and the determination it takes to actually complete a degree.

To my mum, dad and family who I know will be reading this; thank you for the constant support, the food parcels, the days of distraction, the keep going messages. My mum, especially, has been an utter rock during my university days. Her messages of belief and overwhelming support have brought tears to my eyes and determination to my fingertips…thank you momma! 

So, what have I learnt? To always believe in my ability and that I shouldn’t be afraid to not fit in or measure my success by counting friends. Never question myself. To have no regrets and more importantly – that I can do anything I put my mind to. What have you learnt?

To all of the friends we have made for life. To all of the chapters we are about to start writing ourselves. To all of the memories we have made. To all of those who fell before the final hurdle. To all of the times we thought we might fall. To growing up and finding ourselves in this world. To always needing a hug from mum. To all of the support we have received. To the fabulous graduation photos that will be taken. To Those who are yet to complete their courses. To paying bills and working 9-5. To living our grown up lives with pride in our steps. To actually having a degree. To all of the dominos consumed. To all of the nights where we laughed until morning. To the social life we had to temporarily say goodbye to. To those back at home. To those we are yet to meet.

To whatever is next on this crazy ride of life….Cheers! 

Seriously though – how did get a degree?! 


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