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My palms feel a little sweaty and I can feel my breath change as I begin typing this. Today is the day.

I hope what you discover can help you in your life.

Back in July, I had reached a milestone on the road to understanding my head. I had officially stuck out a year in therapy. I can’t tell you how much of a journey that has been, picking myself apart in order to rebuild my head, my heart and my life. Believe me – there was a lot to unpack. But as I reached my anniversary of healing, I realised how much of a difference being in therapy had had in my life. I realised that by opening up, I had allowed myself to let change take place. By airing out my life and my most damaging moments, I had allowed someone to hear me and aid in healing me. It struck me that by opening up about my story – although it was to myself and my therapist – had put me on the right path.

I immediately began letting my creative brain work it’s way through my realisation. And then it hit me. If I could find some way of taking my story in words (aka, DanCooleDaily) and allow it to morph the way that I had, then I had the opportunity to allow more people to understand themselves the same way I was beginning to understand myself.

And so, Let Me Explain Myself was born. 

I sat down with a camera, some lighting and a backdrop and began to talk. That early footage was terrible. I was nervous, I was holding myself back from giving 110% – something that was crucial to this project. I took a deep breath, cried a lot and tried again. Determined not to fall at the first hurdle, I turned the camera back on and started talking. Over the next three days I said things out loud that I never thought I could say. My mind took thoughts I never knew I had and formed sentences that were incredibly difficult to hear.

I wanted to create Let Me Explain myself for all of you who are tired of explaining yourself. For those of you who feel embarrassed when dodging questions about your mental health. For those who sometimes feel like they are alone in the world. I wanted to give my family, friends and colleagues a chance at understanding what it is really like to be me. I wanted to help those who don’t necessarily “get” mental health understand what life is like with a diagnosis that cannot be physically seen.

I would like to think that I, along with those who aided me with filming, and those who offered there thoughts for Explaining Ourselves, achieved that. But I guess thats for you to decide.

I set out on this path to create short video about life with mental health. The rest was the natural evolution of a project that I have poured my heart and soul into.

I welcome you all to reach out to me, to tell me your honest opinions.

If they are negative, please try and be constructive!

If you are on Twitter, feel free to use the hashtag #LMEM to join the conversation.

Thank you to those who made this possible. Thank you to those who have taken time out of their lives over the last three years to listen to me waffle on the internet about how my head is a little funny sometimes.

All the love in all the world;

Daniel Coole.







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