One Year Later.



12 months ago I was reading a lot of blogs, watching a lot of vlogs and just becoming submersed in the online community of creators. It gave me a bug that I thought I had lost years before.

Since I was old enough to be on the internet – back when being on the internet meant that there was a cable plugged into the computer, and that cable meant that nobody could use the house phone, I have always dabbled with blogging. I used to create MySpace Bulletin blogs, and I would always begin, but never finish, a new series. Over time, I moved to platforms such as Blogger, before starting a WordPress site that documented my life living in the city centre of Liverpool.

Through all of the years, and all of the changes, one thing remained the same – I would always start but never finish. I would never reach my peak. I would never write that one post that I was passionately and immensely proud of.

That was until last February.

I had decided that I was going to give it a good go. Growing up, I was always praised for my creativity, I was always told that I would make it as a creative individual, be that in drama, dance or writing. Something felt different this time though, my creativity was flaring, and I decided I would finally commit myself to being a blogger. Thus, EveryDayDan was born.

It was meant to be a bit of an everything blog to begin with. Recipes, hauls, life stories and sex and the city style conversations that reflected me and my friends. Only I had no friends and I was terrible at baking. But still, I persisted. I spent the whole of February building a website, creating my brand and writing a few blog posts to kick start me.

EveryDayDan didn’t feel very creative though. I felt like I was entering the already saturated market with some already overtyped words. I needed something else. I began to realise that I was setting up a website using the same process I had with all the others. I was only setting myself up for yet another stalemate. So, I stopped wondering what everyone else wanted, and I started to write from a whole new place..my heart.

Thus, DanCooleDaily came along.

DanCooleDaily turned one last week. My most proudest achievement in life.

Over the last twelve months, the recipes have been left in the book and the hauls have become fewer, in favour of a bigger bank balance. But something amazing, something unique and something totally mine has taken over. My mental health has been a huge impact on my life. and naturally, I spent so much time shying away from it. During one of my lows, at 3am, I hashed out an angry blog post that became one of my most iconic

I wrote a post on Sepsis, after reading the story of a mother who lost her infant child. The post was recognised by the mother herself, and that is just heart-warming.

I recently opened up on my struggles with being adopted. A post which brought tears to my families eyes. A post that I think will remain one of the most passionate I will ever write.

My mind is blown each and every time I am called out by one of you for helping you. I have been told that I am helping somebody come to terms with their sexuality, after my coming out story.

Knowing I made a difference in just one persons life is enough for me. But knowing that I reach many of you in ways I didn’t know possible is something that I am still coming to terms with. It is simply amazing to know that my words and my thoughts are changing lives. Okay, a bit dramatic, I know.

 It hasn’t just helped the 16,000 of you who have viewed my little corner of the internet, it has also changed me in ways that I cannot express. I am honest. I am free. I am lighter and I am embracing my headspace more than ever.
So thank you, thank you to each and every one of you who have shared my story. I am grateful to those of you who shared your story with me. Thank you to my fellow bloggers who have given me tips and tricks. Thank you for the interviews. Thank you to my family and friends who are always the first to read – and the first to point out any spelling errors.

But, what is next?

I already began to dabble with YouTube, but I finally feel ready to begin concentrating my efforts on it. I am heading to Australia in November, and I am already working on a new series for it. I have some other things going on, a new website in the works and an app that is due out later this year.

But for the moment, I am concentrating on my mind. I am focusing more that ever on taking my happiness more seriously. Not even my happiness, but my stability. I have learnt to appreciate a calm and clear mind.

Thank you once again, for absolutely everything.


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