The Power of Conversation..


The modern world we live in today has made us a selfish society. We exist in our smartphones and we often block out our surroundings, focusing on the screen in front of us. The modern world we live in today has seen a huge increase in mental health issues. Whether those two are connected is a whole other story for a whole other time. 

Sometimes, life gets really tough for me. It gets hard to breathe and I feel suffocated inside my own thoughts. Mental health is a lonely world when you are living through the motions of surviving day to day. I can often go days without a conversation, instead sitting inside my own head and feeling almost comfortable.

When we are lost in our heads, we can often feel isolated, because thats the terribly dark side of living with mental health. My boyfriend took his own life, as you know, and in the years since he passed, not a day goes by where I don’t wish we could have had more conversations. Maybe there was a time he was waiting for somebody to ask him how he was feeling, or maybe there was an opportunity for me to ask him what was really going on. But when I boil down to the core of the issue that sits deep inside, I realise it’s the regret of not talking enough. Instead we argued, we ignored and we pretended like everything was fine. 

I will never get a second chance at those conversations we didn’t have, and that its something I am trying to deal with as I move through the motions of trying to improve myself. But you still have the opportunity to talk.

For many of us, opening up is the hardest part. We don’t feel safe or confident in telling people that we are not okay – for fear of it falling on deaf ears. It can be so much easier if that conversation is started for us, to have somebody look at us and ask us how we really are. Or just somebody checking in because they care. 

Today is Time To Talk Day, a day that is dedicated to mental health and the conversations we must have in order to keep moving forward. The most incredible thing about the world we live in today is that we have the tool of conversations right in the palm of our hand. We have the world in our hands and we should utilise that tool in the war on mental health. Today is about having a conversation in any way that we can. Pick up your phone, check in on friends you maybe haven’t heard of in a while, ask them how they are doing. Tell the lads in your group chat that if they ever need somebody, you’re the person they can confide in. 

I made a video, feel free to watch it. Feel free to share it. Feel free to run away from my poor editing skills, but please, whatever you do, allow it to give you that confidence to talk. 




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