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I am currently enjoying my first day off this week by sitting in bed watching Air Crash Investigation. It’s become my new obsession as of late, and I especially enjoy the episodes where there are survivors..not sure if it’s because it gives us all hope in air disasters or just because you get to here really gritty details, but either way I am hooked. Note: it’s probably not the best idea when planning a trip to Australia, I know. 

Apologies for being quiet as of late, for once, I haven’t been absent due to a depressive spell, which makes a change! Nope, instead I have been busy…super busy. I am back in work, I am working on a new website for DanCooleDaily and I have been planning lots of posts. I’ve also been watching Air Crash Investigation and googling things to do in Perth. As a side note, if any of my readers are Australian, or if you have been to Perth, can you hit me up with some things to do, thaanks! 

I wanted to write a little life update post, as the last week or so has been hectic. First of all, I accidentally stumbled across a BooHooMan flash sale – 50% off everything, winner! I ordered myself some meggin pyjamas (yes, they are a thing!). And, thus I discovered my first love of 2017…dungarees. 

I also want a new hairstyle, or colour, or both. I am currently medium length and a dyed dark grey colour. But I miss my wavey brown hair. And I miss my blonde messy hair. I don’t know. I have spent many an hour considering my next move. So any suggestions will be more than welcome! 

I also got to do an amazing interview with a fellow blogger, Davey Granger. I followed him on Twitter a while ago during the US election night and we bonded over our mutual hate for Trump. Since then, we have been avid fans of each other, and he asked to interview me for one of his series. I was so grateful to be a part of it, and the interview was more like catching up with an old friend. We spoke all things inspiration and mental health – as well as our love for Harry Potter, check it out at www.daveygranger.co.uk  – big thanks to Davey for the interview, you can find him on Twitter – @daveygranger 

Healthy eating has become a new norm in my life. Okay, I am writing this whilst sat in bed at two in the morning with a bag of toffee popcorn, but thats allowed as it was my day off. I didn’t do it to lose weight, though I don’t want to look like a harpooned whale in Australia, but it was more for my mood. I did some studying and decided to give it ago, and I can honestly say that I am feeling more positive within my mental health since eating better. I feel less sluggish, but also like my brain can breathe – that probably makes no sense, but hey, it’s working for me!

Finally, I am pleased to announce that after a few delays, Depression Diaries; The Series will launch on Monday! If you haven’t already, check out my video at the bottom of the post, get involved, and help to make mental health easier for everyone. I believe it is one of those situations that people are scared of because it isn’t widely known about. But, the more you talk about something, the more it becomes ‘normal’ – now, mental health will never be ‘normal’ but it can be accepted, it can be understood and it can stop lurking in the shadows. Don’t you find that knowing it’s okay to talk about it even if you also know you won’t makes the load a lot lighter?!

Anyway, lets leave it there. Love you all, thank you for the constant support. I hope your 2017 is going swimmingly! If you can, grab yourself a pair of dungarees, seriously, they are life. 



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