The Second Wave #AdoptionWednesday

When we are born, we begin a journey that unfortunately ends with death. But this isn’t about the end result, for a change. You see, when we begin the journey, we go through the motions and milestones that come with being alive. We grow from babies to children to stroppy teenagers and eventually to the feared phase of adulthood. We learn in school and perhaps go onto bag ourselves a degree. Somewhere along the way we might fall in love, finding our human to share a life with. 

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Adoption – Does It Get Easier?

Earlier this year I got to take part in the new series of BBC Three Things Not To Say, with my particular topic being adoption & people who’ve experienced life in care. The series, if you weren’t aware, is meant to be a light hearted look into a specific topic, by asking the stereotypical questions that the people taking part get asked a lot. We are then sat down and asked those questions in front of a camera, and are expected to react with humour infused truth. The process took about two and a half hours per pair which was condensed into the six minutes you got to see. 

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The Past.

You might have noticed, but I tend to live a lot in the past. Whether it’s repeating myself with stories of how my life has, at times, been turned completely upside down. Or when I spend my time telling you how about my journey with DanCooleDaily. Yes, I like to live in the past. It’s familiar territory. There is nothing there that I haven’t already seen and therefore, it is safe. The past for all of us, is now simply a figment of the imagination. Whilst at the time it was very real, it can no longer touch us. It only continues to exist by being a tiny little mark etched insides our brain. 

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This Ones For You

Have you heard? I don’t know if you will have heard, I’ve kept it pretty quiet, you see. I’ve mentioned it once to my friends and I had a bit of a moment with my mum, but other than that, unless you delved deep you might not have known what I was about to tell you. I am completely joking, by the way – I haven’t stopped talking about this. But I promise, this is the last time I will really concentrate on the subject…Last Friday, I only went and won a blooming blog award!

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The Four Year Itch.

A little over four years ago, I phoned my mum with an idea I had been sitting on for a while. In my head it was genius, it was my way of allowing my creativity to continue now that my undergraduate degree was beginning to wrap up. I was going to start a blog. I had dabbled with blogs in the past, but this time I was going to make a real go of it. Soon after, I bought some bath bombs from Lush and I registered a new domain under EveryDayDan. I was excited for my new venture and so I decided to launch in some super romantic way; on my birthday. 

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Realising My Self-Worth.

As I write this, I am waiting for my bath to fill. I’ve had a long week and up until yesterday, was running on roughly 7 hours sleep in total. I have had deadlines and work and university, and I just got it into my head that if I survived until the weekend, then I could sleep and bath and laze around without a care in the world. I seem to be very good at looking after myself when I’m tired, and I seem to be very capable of acknowledging when I need a physical break. But why am I terrible at reading when I need to give my heart and my mental self a rest?

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Two weeks ago, I ventured to London for some work things and along the way I lost myself. Well, I lost my lost self – I actually found my old self. It’s complicated, right? I wrote about how I had become grounded and how I felt like I was discovering who I once was whilst walking the streets and riding the tube. I got lost in a Brexit rally and I ate late night sausage rolls. I vlogged in public and I followed through my tradition of a frozen yogurt on the benches in Covent Gardens.

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The Fear.

Its 3:00am and I can’t sleep. I have a trip to London in the morning where I will spend three days having some important meetings. I always get a little bit anxious before a trip, whether it’s recreational or business, something about change of scenery always strikes me with a little bit of fear.

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